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A little pick me up

The hood high in the air and the dirty air filter on the sidewalk indicated that the couple’s day was not going as planned. This was confirmed by the grumbles of the husband coming from under the late model diesel pickup.

They had just dropped off a relative at the Citgo station Greyhound stop in Hickory. The relative was on his way, and they were stuck, the wife noted with irony but good humor.

Husband and wife were both modeling the Bible verse on the wife’s tee shirt, and we were glad we could help.



The broken down truck is in the background.


2 comments on “A little pick me up

  1. M
    June 25, 2013

    And they never lost their sense of humor! What a great couple. We wish them Godspeed to engine repair and a happy summer!

  2. M
    November 2, 2013

    Clay and Ruthie posted a note about this encounter on another spot on the blog, which I’m reposting here. God bless ya, Clay & Ruthie!

    “We want to tell you all that we really appreciate the generous donation that one if your guys left for my husband. A couple of weeks ago my husbands truck broke down st the Hickory bus station. Words cannot express ho Thankful we were and still are. I had just “Prayed” about needing a financial blessing and my husband called about 30 minutes later and told me about the truck and asked if I could come and help and then he told me about the envelope left in the truck. I serve a mighty GOD and an ON TIME GOD. THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!”

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