Goodwill Tour 2013

giving back

Bus Grandma

We left FedEx, me now 13 lbs lighter, and, following Jazminn’s advice, grabbed a bus rather than trying to walk the 3+ miles to Kitchen 64 for breakfast. Would be much more like lunch by then, anyway. The first bus to come by was in the left lane, and it was quite a curiousity to watch it pull over towards us to the right lane while stopping traffic in both lanes. We didn’t help by asking the driver which bus to take, which took longer than had we jumped aboard and allowed the bus to take off. I figured the driver needed to turn left ahead, and, well, the left lane was the easier whether anyone wanted to get on or not. The driver didn’t complain and politely told us to take Bus 24. We grabbed another one, of course.

 This bus, no. 74, maybe, was labeled Broad Street, so Jay declared it was the one to take. Cool. The driver immediately tells us that we need bus 24, but he’ll let us know where to get out up on Broad Street. But of course, bus 74 (or whatever it was) brought us a wonderful experience that maybe bus 24 couldn’t have found. We’ll call her the Bus Grandma. Just a happy older lady who got onto the bus and sat down before running her transfer card through the machine. I noticed that she was fumbling with her card and, I thought, wasn’t really able to get up on a moving bus to take three unsure steps to run the transfer card.  So I offered to take it for her, which she gladly accepted. But I had no idea what to do with it, so I just gave it to the driver. Everyone seemed satisfied, but I wasn’t sure if she should get it back or not. They all laughed at me, and Bus Grandma told me, “They keep it.” I replied, laughing, “Maybe you could use it somewhere else, like to buy lunch or something?  Bus Grandma explained that she sure wished it would because she missed breakfast having to rush out, and had only coffee, and she didn’t know what she’d get for lunch.
She was so friendly, so nice about her circumstances, she just made us happy to know her. The bus driver called out our stop, saying, “Now, wait here for No. 24,” and as we gathered ourselves to descent, I handed Bus Grandma an envelope. A moment later, as we spilled onto the sidewalk, I could hear her laughing out loud happily.
– M

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This entry was posted on June 23, 2013 by in People we met.

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