Goodwill Tour 2013

giving back

Shedding Pounds!

A most painful experience this morning. Were going all backpack and no luggage. After a bout of separation anxiety over a favorite shirt, my computer bag and five pars of socks, we packed up my extra stuff and headed over to FedEx.

The concierge was super kind not only to give us directions but to walk us through the hotel to WP_20130622_004the back exit, “saving us a block,” he said.  Another perfect day out there! And in beautiful Richmond, especially with FedEx bringing us down towards the Capitol and surrounding park. All quiet in FedEx, and lucky for us, Jazminn was there to help. Gotta send a box back home, I told her, and don’t worry about packing it, I’ll just stuff if full of what I shouldn’t have brought on this trip in the first place. Jay just smiled, and as Jazmnynn weighed my extra bag, his smile turned to smirk.  “13 pounds!”  Must include psychic weight, I’m sure.

Jazminn let me pack the box, stuffing it full, including the empty battery package that had stolen away with me somehow. Jazmynn put it all together and got us going, and while she was working we chatted about where to eat breakfast, hopefully near the bus station. Her husband had just had a nice time at “Kitchen 64,” right there, taking his mother there for her birthday. Jazminn couldn’t go because it was her own mother’s birthday, and she went with her family to another restaurant with her mom. Jazminn was sweet and patient with us the entire time. She said she couldn’t take anything from a client, but I said the envelope it wasn’t about work, just a little blessing, hopefully.

So I’m 13 lbs lighter and with only a backpack now. Rock on!

– M



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