Goodwill Tour 2013

giving back

Landon the Copywriter Intern

I got it in my head that I’d go talk to the marketing firm that we came across while walking through the Fan neighborhood in Richmond near Virginia Commonwealth University.Jay was a bit unsure of this, but I insisted, because I have a business that sells a product to students. As we approached, a young man exited the building. His name was Ed or something, we both forgot, but he’s now Landon to us. Nice kid.


Some areas and people in them are doing just fine! (This image from Winston-Salem, but our ad agency intern lived in a similar area in Richmond.)

He just graduated from VCU and wants to be in advertising. He was defensive about saying he wanted to be a copywriter, but I told him it’s about words and that’s awesome. He enthusiastic about getting in the business, even though he’s an intern. Hard to find a job, and he’s out of the house, now, and making it on his own. Cool! He told us the business was still open and we departed. I gave him an envelope as we departed. We went in the building and just as quickly left.

Jay remarked that he is used to getting a great deal of attention when he walks into an office wearing a suit and tie, but, clearly, shorts, ragged baseball cap, and tee shirts weren’t impressive. The nice lady at the marketing firm suggested that my ideas might be of some interest to one of their clients, they’d see, and, nice to meet you… As for Landon, Jay says he probably doesn’t need much help from us, as his haircut was worth more than the envelope. Pretty funny, and likely true, but nice kid on an internship.

Good luck to ya, Landon!


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